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GTD - Quality

GO To DOC Ltd is committed to providing high quality care through all the services it provides or is involved in. We continually strive to make improvements in the way that we do things to benefit our patients, our stakeholders and our staff.
As part of our approach we:

  • Have a clear Clinical Governance Structure that provides effective reporting, accountability and processes to ensure continuously and systematically evaluation of care against specific criteria
  • Learn and share from both what we do well and where we feel we could have done things better
  • Have systems in place to support and encourage the regular exchange of up to date and comprehensive information between all those who may be providing care for patients with particular needs, e.g. terminal care
  • Regularly audit all aspects of the service we provide against both internal and external standards
  • Operate a complaints procedure that is consistent with the principles of the NHS complaints procedure  Provide up to date training for all members of staff
  • Seek the views of patients and the public so that our services reflect what patients want Ensure that patients are treated by the member of staff best equipped to meet their needs
  • Ensure services are provided in safe and secure environments that are supportive of privacy, dignity, confidentiality and individuality
At GTD we pride ourselves on the high quality standards we achieve consistently throughout the organisation. Each of our existing Out of Hours contracts is measured and managed in accordance with the 13 Department of Health OOH National Quality Requirements. We provide monthly reports to all of our commissioners on activity including achievement of National Quality Standards.
For our primary care services, our aim is to exceed the national targets contained in quality standards such as The Quality and Outcomes Framework and locally set Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).


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