Landmark celebration for gtd healthcare

22nd March 2017

 gtd healthcare has celebrated a major milestone in providing the best possible care for patients.

For two decades, gtd healthcare has delivered services across North West England including primary care, urgent care and out-of-hours dental care.

The not-for-profit organisation celebrated its 20th anniversary with a company-wide event for its staff, which showcased how it has evolved over the years.

David Beckett, gtd healthcare’s chief executive, said it was an opportunity to reflect on the success of the organisation while also recognising staff commitment and achievements.

"More than 160 members of staff gathered at the celebration, which was a fantastic turnout,” he said.

"It was a great opportunity for staff from all areas of the organisation to come together to acknowledge how far the organisation has come – from employing one member of staff in 1997 to over 700 in 2017!

"A key part of the evening was to award staff for their hard work and dedication. We have so many outstanding members of staff who work tirelessly and so recognising the high quality care and professionalism, which we pride ourselves on, was a very rewarding part of the evening.”

gtd healthcare is a values driven organisation, which aligns itself with the NHS while also embracing the ethos of social enterprise, reinvesting surpluses generated back into our services.

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