Same Day Assesment and Treatment Service

gtd were approached by The Maples Medical Centre (TMMC) about setting up a same day assessment and treatment service for both TMMC and The Lakes Medical Centre (TLMC) patients in South Manchester. The aim of the service was to enable the remote triage and assessment of TMMC and TLMC patients by trained nurses with GP support. The team were granted full access to patient records (subject to information governance requirements) from the gtd HQ base in Denton during set days and times of the week in order to free up much needed admin time for the clinical and management teams therein.

Pre-bookable appointment slots were been allocated by the practices for any on-the-day appointments that the triage team felt were appropriate and the practices remained contactable for any relevant queries from the triage team.

"We worked in partnership with gtd healthcare to provide an effective remote triage solution that has improved the service to patients, met the access requirements and allowed us to run a surgery without the need for an on-call partner. The concept has a range of potential applications that are currently being developed, such as cross covering between surgeries, and we hope to embed these in the near future. Importantly, positive feedback has been received from both staff and patients." (Dr Fink)

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