Amy - Paramedic


I have been really pleased recently to successfully refer some of my patients via the Pathfinder scheme to the team of GP's at gtd. The doctors are all very easy to talk to, understanding and appear to value greatly the information we give them about patients, their symptoms and observations we carry out. I also value the feedback we receive from the doctors after they have visited the patients and find it a valuable learning experience.

Dr. HM - GP

gtd Urgent Care

1st day of gtd. All going very well. Very slick and professional. Like flying with Emirates business class. So far so good and staff here certainly impressed.

John Smith - Patient at gtd


I was very grateful for the doctor and the attention he gave me, also for the ambulance service, both were very helpful.

Marie - Patient

Patient at gtd practice

Exceptional service once again at go to doc at Wythenshawe hospital for my poorly 3 year old. THANK YOU

Sharon - Patient

Patient at gtd practice

My daughter received excellent, timely and efficient care from your GP at Wythenshawe hospital this evening. Thank you

Simon Wootton - Chief Operating Officer

North Manchester CCG

Their professionalism, commitment to improving patient care and their solid working relationship with general practices has proved and continues to prove to be a very valuable resource.

Susan James - Paramedic


I have had an overwhelmingly positive experience, using this scheme. The initial handover to clinician has always been friendly and professional. So far on each occasion I have also received a follow up call from the attending GP summing up their findings, confirming the patient was staying at home, which is excellent. This feedback makes us feel we have done the right thing for our patient, that we have saved a resource for the patient and makes us feel valued as clinicians. I have therefore felt able to tell colleagues on station about my positive experiences of the process, hopefully encouraging them to do the same! I have no doubt that both these patients, as well as the ED and the NHS locally benefitted as a result of these patients being appropriately and sensitively dealt with. Forging strong inter-agency links like this is what the future of acute care will be based upon, as can been seen by the recent Keogh Report. I know that I will be encouraged, and as a clinical leader, will encourage others to refer to the scheme in the future.

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