Please be aware, you can now view your GP health record through the NHS app.

For information on the NHS app, please click here.

For informaiton on how to download the NHS app and set-up an NHS login, please see below.

Accessing your GP health record

If you have access to your GP health record in the NHS app, you'll be able to see your summary record. This contains information about your medicines and allergies.

To see more information in your record, such as your test results and immunisations, please contact your GP practice and request access to your detailed coded record.

Your GP health record cannot be used to prove your vaccine status when travelling abroad. Use the NHS COVID pass service to view and share proof of your COVID-19 status for event trials in England and travel abroad. To find out more about this service, please click here.

It's not possible to share your GP health record using the NHS app. If you show your record to someone else, you do so at your own risk.