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Please be aware, from 1 September, 2021, patient data will be extracted from GP records to support health and care planning and research in England; this national initiative is known as General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR). The aim of this is to help find better treatments and improve patient outcomes for everyone. However, we recognise that you may wish to opt-out of having your information shared and additional information on how to do so is available here.


**Coronavirus update (COVID-19)**
If you have concerns that you may have been exposed to or become infected with COVID-19, please access NHS 111 online for guidance. DO NOT attend your GP practice or hospital emergency department. Further information is also available here. gtd healthcare's COVID-19 privacy notice for patients is available here. COVID-19 information is also available in British Sign Language. Information regarding the AstraZeneca vaccination is available here.


gtd healthcare has launched a digital recruitment campaign to attract senior and advanced clinical practitioners to join the organisation. Find out more here: Facebook; candidate form.


We have presently suspended coil and implant fitting due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Keep checking the website for updates on when these services will resume.

Practice address

City Health Centre, 2nd Floor, Boots The Chemist, 32 Market Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M1 1PL

Opening times

Monday, 08:00 - 20:00 Tuesday, 08:00 - 20:00 Wednesday, 08:00 - 20:00 Thursday, 08:00 - 20:00 Friday, 08:00 - 20:00


0161 839 6227



0161 839 7696


Our aim is to provide our patients with the best possible healthcare services that are of the highest standard. As a patient, you will receive care that is responsive to your needs, and we will work with supporting organisations, where necessary, to achieve this. We pride ourselves on putting our patients first and in doing so, we will always take the time to listen and respond openly and honestly every time.


Practice update

In response to coronavirus (COVID-19) all patients with a non-medical emergency when the GP practice is open are advised to contact us via Online Consult. All patient forms will be reviewed and patients will be offered a telephone consultation or video consultation, where appropriate, and a face-to-face appointment, as necessary. Patients can continue to contact the practice via telephone between 8am and 8pm, seven-days-per-week.

Out-of-hours, if you require urgent but not life-threatening medical assistance that cannot wait until City Health Centre re-opens, please call 111. If you have a life-threatening medical emergency, please dial 999.

If you have concerns that you may have been exposed to or become infected with COVID-19, please access NHS 111 Online for guidance by clicking here. DO NOT attend your GP practice or hospital emergency department. Further information is also available here.

For further information on accessing the practice please click here.

Vaccination programme

Please be assured, you will be contacted when it's your turn to be vaccinated.

Patients are encouraged to make sure the practice holds the correct contact details, including telephone number and email address, as there may be circumstances whereby there is a short turn-around time to invite patients for a vaccine.

For further information regarding the vaccination programme, please visit the COVID-19 key information page.

The NHS is currently under increased pressure due to the continued impact of COVID-19. This means that you may experience delays in the services provided at your GP practice. Please accept our sincere apologies and continue to check our website or follow us on Twitter for further updates.

Thank you for your co-operation and patience.

Important letter to all registered patients 07/06/2021

Dear patient,

As a registered patient at City Health Centre, we are writing to update you on the current situation at the practice. We thank you for your patience and understanding over the past 14 months, which can only be described as the most challenging period we have ever faced.

At the start of the pandemic we were required to overhaul our procedures and appointment system to ensure patient and staff safety. Pre the pandemic, we regularly had more than 300 patients visiting our building every day; we are sure you understand that this could not continue due to the risks imposed by COVID-19. Things have been tweaked over time to ensure we have the best possible system in place for our patients. We have now reached a point where our appointment system is safer and in many ways more beneficial for patients than ever.

There has been some unhelpful media coverage that general practice must now ‘open up’. We have not closed, ever, not for a single day, throughout the pandemic. If a patient is clinically assessed as requiring a face-to-face appointment, they have received one and will continue to do so.

We still have to maintain patient and staff safety as the COVID risk has not disappeared and our appointment system will adapt over time to meet demand. We have circa 13,000 registered patients at City Health Centre and also operate the Manchester Urgent Primary Care Hub (formerly the walk in centre) so it is very important that our appointment system is organised and co-ordinated at all times.

We cannot lose the benefits of our current appointment system. At present all online forms received are clinically triaged within 24 working hours. We have capacity to deal with more patients on-the-day or next day and the wait for a routine appointment is much less than it was pre-pandemic. Many hours and discussions have gone into creating our appointment system, and in doing so, providing the highest level of patient care has been our main priority.

If patients are unable to complete an online form our reception team are here to help you and can even complete it on your behalf. We also have provision for emergencies / unwell children under five as there is a on call doctor on duty from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday.

Importantly, we are here to help our patients and we do not wish to put any barriers in place to patient care whatsoever.

The practice team – from our reception team, administrators, nurses, GPs, and everyone in-between - have been working very hard through these unprecedented times. We have the best interests of our patients at heart and we will continue to provide the highest quality care possible. Please be kind to our staff who are working harder than ever to help all patients.

If you have any queries or would like to discuss any aspect of this letter further, please do so via email - FAO Ashley Madden

Yours faithfully,

City Health Centre

Manchester Urgent Primary Care Hub

City Health Centre Walk-in Service has re-designed its services to provide patients with GP/clinician care over the phone, via video consultation and online, from the safety of their home. The service has changed its name and is now called Manchester Urgent Primary Care Hub.

If you have concerns that you may have been exposed to or become infected with COVID-19, please access NHS 111 online for guidance. DO NOT attend your GP practice, Manchester Urgent Primary Care Hub or hospital emergency department.

For health concerns that are not related to COVID-19, please contact your GP practice during their normal working hours, Manchester Urgent Primary Care Hub via 0161 839 6227 or NHS 111. If you have a life-threatening medical emergency, please dial 999.


Further information about Manchester Urgent Primary Care Hub is available here.

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