Published: 9 October, 2023

A care co-ordinator has shown exceptional dedication to ensuring that a distressed patient received the care they needed.

IMG-20230913-WA0017.jpgJessica Mayo went the extra mile to comfort a patient and help her to attend a scheduled appointment. Prior to the appointment, Jessica called the patient, who had suspected pneumonia, and the patient answered while she was on her way to gtd healthcare's Urgent Care Hub in Oldham.

The patient was upset on the phone and mentioned that she was unsteady on her feet and experiencing shortness of breath.

Jessica sympathised with the patient and said she wanted to make sure that she made it to her appointment safely.

“I met the patient at the Queen Elizabeth car park and escorted her to the hub so she could be seen by a clinician,” she said.

“When the patient was inside, she suddenly realised she hadn’t put a parking ticket in her car and was worried that she might receive a fine. I thought it was important that the patient stayed with the healthcare professional, especially after saying she felt unsteady on her feet, so I went back to the patient's car, paid for parking and displayed the ticket on her behalf.

“I wanted to ensure that the patient received the right care, at the right time and in the right place.”

The patient was then seen by the clinician and later expressed a special thanks to Jessica by gifting her with flowers and chocolates.

Lynne Barlow, clinical services manager, added: “The team is proud of the care and compassion Jessica showed. Her fantastic efforts are a testament to the clinical and non-clinical teams who work closely together to ensure that patients encounter a positive experience every time.”

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