Fundamental changes in the way gtd healthcare is governed launched in November 2020 with a commitment being made to transform into an employee owned organisation, similar to the likes of the John Lewis Partnership.

We have always prided ourselves on being an organisation that aims to create social benefit in all that we do and this is reflected in our explicit values that underpin our business.

Delivering the best care possible for our patients, promoting the well-being of our communities, supporting our people and the use of public monies as effectively and efficiently as possible is our top priority. Our continued not-for-profit status enables a reinvestment of resources into realising these values. For some time it has felt that a natural next step would be to build an even stronger relationship with our greatest asset, our workforce, in order to harness their passion, enthusiasm and commitment to patient care.

Our People's Trust

Our People's Trust has been formed, which is the single shareholder of gtd healthcare Ltd, and which all employed staff are a stakeholder in. There is an Our People's Trust Board, which has a voice on the gtd healthcare Board, and includes members of staff. The aim of the Our People's Trust is to:

  • ensure our people are fully engaged in decision making associated with the organisation’s business, leading to a greater voice, empowerment, participation and personal investment;
  • create a corporate structure that has employees at the heart of our business, as co-owners.

We want our people to feel that they are part of the organisation, to further enhance their enjoyment of work, satisfaction and motivation so that our patients, and each other, are looked after in the best way possible. Strengthening our people's connection with, and emotional investment in, the organisation through elevating their status to a co-owner will enhance compassionate patient care and innovation.

For further information on Our People's Trust, please email communications.