The breadth and scope of our partnership working extends across a diverse geographical footprint in the North West of England.

Our people actively work in collaboration with commissioners, partner providers, private and voluntary organisations across Greater Manchester, Derbyshire, Lancashire and Merseyside. These include:

  • NHS England;
  • Integrated Care Boards;
  • hospital trusts;
  • local authorities;
  • LGBT Foundation;
  • and homeless charities.

One of our most important shared goals with the organisations we work with is to improve the health outcomes for patients. Working in partnership to achieve common objectives enables us to share best practice, and work as part of a multidisciplinary team to provide the best and most effective healthcare services for patients.

Greater Manchester Urgent Primary Care Alliance

The alliance is a community interest company that brings together gtd healthcare, Mastercall Healthcare and Bardoc, to provide healthcare services across Greater Manchester. The alliance aims to work with commissioners to deliver services that are integrated, cost-effective and provide innovative healthcare options for the patients of Greater Manchester.