The Referral Gateway Clinical Triage Service aims to improve the quality and appropriateness of GP referrals and patient outcomes by ensuring patients receive ‘the right care, at the right time, in the right place’.

Triagers ensure, upon receipt of a GP referral, the correct pathways are being followed, e.g. further management in primary care or referral to community or secondary care providers and an accurate priority is assigned to each referral; this also includes providing a seamless management of patients accessing the right services such as those outlined in the CCGs’ Criteria Based Clinical Treatment Procedures (CBCT).

gtd healthcare provides clinical triage for the following clinical commissioning groups (CCGs):

  • Manchester Health and Care Commissioning (The Care Gateway)
  • Warrington CCG (Warrington Referral Assistance Gateway)
  • Knowsley CCG (Knowsley Referral Management Service)
  • St Helens CCG (St Helens Referral Management)

The service covers more than 25 specialties including: cardiology; children’s and adolescent services; ear, nose and throat; gynaecology; GI and liver medicine; orthopaedics, including physiotherapy, podiatry and sports and exercise medicine; and neurology.

Further information on the Referral Gateway Clinical Triage Service, please email the governance department.