Published: 9th July 2021

A new training academy designed to co-ordinate and manage all learning and development activities for gtd healthcare (gtd) and beyond has launched.

gtd academy is an evolving education centre, which tailors training programmes and packages in accordance with internal demands, training needs analysis, external requirements, and changes in trends.

David Beckett, gtd healthcare’s chief executive, said launching the academy is a key milestone for the organisation.

“Having a unique academy demonstrates gtd healthcare’s long-standing commitment to learning and development and it’s hugely rewarding to see our ambitions come to life,” he said.

“We realise the vast benefits of investing in our people, in their development, and providing them with a dedicated learning resource. Ultimately, the academy will not only benefit our people’s experience, knowledge and expertise, but will help shape models of care and continue to drive and deliver the best quality care for our patients.

“It’s a really exciting development that will see our people being at the forefront of the academy and playing a key role in driving and leading its success.”

The academy’s vision is to be a central training hub for all internal learning and development activity, resulting in a highly skilled, competent workforce and creating a positive training culture for all.

In addition, the academy is working towards providing comprehensive training programmes and packages for stakeholder partners and providers across a range of disciplines and being a provider of choice among external users.

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