Published: 27 March, 2024

A pharmacy student has shared positive feedback following their placement at City Health Centre.

Facilitated by gtd academy in collaboration with the Greater Manchester Training Hub, the student engaged in a day-long placement with the practice team, which provided an insight into the dynamics of primary care.

Please see below positive feedback from the pharmacy student.

“During my placement, I found the staff to be incredibly welcoming and friendly, creating a positive environment for learning and observation.

"Witnessing effective teamwork and communication was inspiring and I was impressed by the patient-centred approach adopted by the healthcare professionals whom I observed, in particular Steevie Pugh, physician associate, and Cassandra Zanga Smith, senior clinical practitioner. They demonstrated empathy, respect, and professionalism in their interactions with patients, which emphasised the importance of holistic care and building a rapport with patients.

"I really enjoyed my placement at City Health Centre and I am grateful for the opportunity. I would be thrilled to attend further placements at the practice in the future.”

gtd academy is a training hub designed to co-ordinate and manage all learning and development activities within gtd healthcare and beyond, extending to external customers and stakeholders.

The academy continues its commitment to learning and development, with three additional pharmacy students due to attend placements at GP practices in April. To find out more about gtd academy, plesae click here.

If you have any queries about placements, please email